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How Can Someone Be Punished if They Violate a COVID-19 Stay at Home Order?

Across the country, stay-at-home orders have strained law enforcement and tested how far states and municipalities are willing to go to enforce the orders. These directives have triggered controversy and confusion, as standards sometimes differ from town to town or county to county. In certain instances, people who have violated government edicts designed to reduce […]

What are Considered Essential Businesses Under States’ COVID-19 Rules?

During the coronavirus pandemic, previously bustling locations from malls to urban downtowns have gone eerily quiet. But your local pizza place might still be open, along with restaurants that can survive on takeout and delivery orders and, of course, grocery stores. After all, keeping people fed during an epidemic is critical, and food delivery and […]

What Happens if You Host a Gathering While in Quarantine?

Along with the serious health risks associated with coronavirus, Americans are burdened by quarantine orders and similar directives that forbid them from seeing their loved ones, even for major events such as holidays and birthdays. It can be tempting to try to break the rules, especially for people who believe that they don’t fall into […]

Former DA in Texas Given 10 days in Jail for Withholding Evidence that Led Wrong Man to Serve 25 Years for Wife’s Murder

On August 13, 1986 Michael Morton went to work one day after his birthday, having left a note to his wife saying he loved her but he was disappointed that she did not have sex with him that evening. The following day when he got home he found her corpse with a wicker basket and […]


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Test of 4th Amendment Protection from Search in Case Being Heard in Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court just heard arguments in the case of Fernandez v. California concerning whether the police can search a leased apartment where one of the co-tenants refused to give law enforcement the green light to search but the other tenant let the police conduct a search. This case revisits the area of […]

Shooting of Young Michigan Woman Raises Similar Issues as Trayvon Martin Case

Early in the morning of November 2, 2013, 19 year-old Renisha McBride sought some assistance from a Dearborn Heights, Michigan home after a car accident. As her cell phone battery was dead, she had no means to contact help. When she approached the home, a man, still unidentified as he has not been charged, fired […]

Charges of Negligent Homicide Issued Against Electricians in Houston

Usually when one hears about a homicide being committed, the first thought that comes to mind is what kind of depraved or evil person could do such a thing. The fact is that the term “homicide” refers to a wide array of killings, some of them intentional and others not. The recent case in Houston […]

Sentencing Guidelines for Aggravated Assault under Arizona Law

Arizona statutory law sets out the circumstances under which a simple assault may turn into an aggravated assault. The designation may greatly impact the sentencing stage of the criminal process. A charge and conviction for assault or aggravated assault can yield dramatic consequences for the rest of your life. An Arizona defense attorney can assist […]

What Factors Influence Sentencing for Arizona Drug Crimes?

On April 3, 2013, Arizona Governor Brewer signed a new ban on synthetic drugs into law. The law went into effect immediately and expands Arizona’s definition of dangerous drugs. If you have been arrested or charged with a drug crime, an Arizona defense attorney can explore all your legal defenses and sentence- reduction options with […]


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