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Knowledgeable Tucson Attorney Aggressively Defends Clients Against Sex Crime Charges

Arizona lawyer represents those faced with life-changing accusations

Sex crime laws generally prohibit intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual behavior or contact with a person without consent. If convicted, these offenses carry harsh penalties, making it important for you to have an informed attorney represent you. The Law Offices of Richard C. Bock in Tucson handles state and federal cases throughout Arizona.

What is at risk if you have been charged with a sex crime?

Public demands have created harsh and severe sexual offense laws that often result in lengthy mandatory prison sentences and a litany of duties and restrictions after release. A conviction in one of these emotionally charged cases can destroy everything you have going for you, leading to loss of liberty, consecutive prison sentences, residential and occupational restrictions, tarnished reputation, loss of career, damaged personal relationships and many other harsh realities. We understand the difficulty of your situation and work hard to help you avoid the stigma of being a registered sex offender.

What is considered a sex crime under Arizona law?

There are many actions which are considered to be sex crimes under state or federal law. We defend against all criminal charges, including:

  • Rape. All forms of sexual assault and unwanted touching are considered to be sex crimes. We defend those charged with rape, date rape, molestation and sexual harassment.
  • Child molestation. Arizona has different laws to cover different acts of sexual abuse depending on the ages of all parties involved and the acts in question. We represent victims charged with sexual abuse, molestation of a child, sexual conduct with a minor (statutory rape) and other forms of child abuse.
  • Child pornography. We vigorously defend those accused of possessing, distributing or producing pornographic materials depicting children.
  • Prostitution. Both sex workers and their clients (johns) can face legal trouble. We defend against claims of prostitution and solicitation, as well as other related offenses.

We defend those charged with these crimes as well as any other domestic violence or sex crimes, such as lewd conduct, failure to register as a sex offender, indecent exposure and internet sex crimes.

If you are being investigated for an Arizona sex crime, we can help

Juries sometimes have preconceived notions regarding guilt and innocence in sex crimes cases, which makes having our compassionate defense lawyer on your side all the more important in order to persuade the jury otherwise. Attorney Richard C. Bock understands the negative impact of having sexual charges brought against you and seeks to prevent charges from being filed, if possible. He has forensic science knowledge and a vast history dealing with evidence law in criminal court. Our firm uses cutting-edge tactics and strategies to defend our clients. We aggressively represent clients throughout Arizona dealing in high-stakes sexual offense cases.

Contact us immediately if you have been arrested or are under investigation for a sex crime

At, the Law Offices of Richard C. Bock, we understand the dramatic impact of sexual offense accusations. It is important to have an established attorney at your side throughout the process. Call us at 520-792-4941 or contact us online for a free initial consultation. We will get to the bottom of the accusations against you.


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