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Tucson Lawyer Defends Against Possession of Marijuana Charges in Arizona

Defense attorney Richard C. Bock knows that small amounts of pot can result in large jail sentences

Marijuana offenses in Arizona carry severe penalties even though it may seem commonplace to possess small amounts. A conviction can cost you time and money, as well as harm future employment and educational opportunities. Even if you are a medical marijuana patient in Arizona, you might be erroneously arrested anyway. Luckily for you, drug possession lawyer Richard C. Bock in Tucson has a wealth of experience and implements outstanding legal strategies to get you the best results. Mr. Bock provides unmatched representation, having handled thousands of drug crime cases in Arizona and federal courts.

We help you avoid the rigid sentences associated with weed possession in Arizona

A conviction for possession of marijuana typically includes some combination of jail time, fines and probation. Tucson defense attorney Richard C. Bock helps first time offenders obtain deferred prosecution and can help get you the minimum sentence allowable by law. If you are charged with the possession, sale or distribution of marijuana in Arizona, here is an overview of the laws:


  • Less than (2) pounds – Class 6 felony
  • (2) – (4) pounds – Class 5 felony
  • Over (4) pounds – Class 4 felony


  • Less than (2) pounds – Class 4 felony
  • (2) – (4) pounds – Class 3 felony
  • Over (4) pounds – Class 2 felony

Distribution (Trafficking):

  • Less than (2) pounds – Class 3 felony
  • (2) pounds or more – Class 2 felony

Challenging your accusers in order to provide you with the best results

The Law Offices of Richard C. Bock has a reputation for successfully defending persons accused of marijuana possession. We are frequently granted motions to suppress crucial evidence due to law enforcement misconduct and often get simple possession charges for small amounts reduced from a felony to a Class 1 misdemeanor, if not entirely dismissed. Arizona attorney Richard C. Bock takes great pride in his earned status as one of the best criminal defense lawyers around and helps mitigate your criminal record.

Avoid devastating penalties for possession of marijuana in Arizona by contacting Richard C. Bock immediately

Although it may be common in Arizona for people to possess marijuana, the penalties reflect the government’s efforts to crack down on illegal drugs. Criminal law attorney Richard C. Bock fights to help you avoid felony charges and strives for the best possible sentencing outcome for you. If you live in Tucson or southern Arizona and are facing possession of marijuana charges, contact us today for a free initial consultation. We are able to meet during the week or on evenings and weekends, and our answering service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


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