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Tucson Attorney Richard C. Bock Has Vast Experience with Arizona Grand Jury Practice

Defending you against aggressive law enforcement tactics

In Arizona, in order for a felony case to be transferred to the Superior Court the government must prove probable cause through a preliminary hearing or grand jury indictment. The prosecution can choose which path to take, with grand jury practice being the more common method in our state. A grand jury is a particular type of jury that decides whether an indictment should be issued based on probable cause. If you are subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, you might be the target of an investigation without realizing it. Attorney Richard C. Bock has years of unparalleled experience in evaluating your best interest.

Our law firm provides the preparation and representation you need when facing possible indictment

Grand juries routinely subpoena witnesses, financial records and other important documents to assist in their decision making. While an attorney cannot speak for you in a grand jury proceeding, you may consult with your lawyer either inside or outside the courtroom before answering questions, depending upon whether you are in state or federal court. In either case, it is important to understand that you do have a right to consult with an attorney during grand jury proceedings. It is crucial to have an experienced lawyer like Richard C. Bock, who can fully advise you of the grand jury process and of your rights and make efforts to avoid an indictment.

Prominent defense attorney Richard C. Bock knows how to handle grand jury proceedings

Our criminal attorney has excellent relationships with state and federal prosecutors and he works with them to obtain as much information about your case as possible before grand jury questioning. Mr. Bock has almost four decades of criminal law experience and has handled a variety of cases involving grand juries. Here are some of the ways our knowledge and expertise can help you:

  • We work with you to determine the reason for grand jury testimony and figure out if you are the target or simply a witness in the investigation
  • We know how to avoid traps when giving testimony that can make you the target of the investigation
  • We negotiate immunity and “use immunity” that can protect you from future prosecution
  • We consult with prosecuting attorneys to provide them with exculpatory evidence to be presented at the grand jury hearing
  • We file petitions for special actions to challenge the lawfulness of the grand jury decision

If you have been issued an indictment or subpoenaed to speak before a grand jury, contact Richard C. Bock immediately

Grand jury proceedings can be intimidating and difficult to prepare for but the Law Offices of Richard C. Bock make the process easier by informing you of your rights and explaining how to exercise them while giving testimony. We are located in Tucson and provide representation to people throughout Arizona in state and federal proceedings. We can meet with you at any time and are able to serve the Spanish-speaking community. Our answering service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us for a free initial consultation and we will prepare you for your appearance before the grand jury.


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