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Experienced Arizona Homicide Attorney Aggressively Defends the Accused

Skilled Tucson defense lawyer Richard C. Bock manages high-stakes murder and homicide cases

Being accused of taking another person’s life is the most serious charge someone can face. Arizona is one of many states, along with the federal government, that has the death penalty for capital offenses. These cases are always accompanied by media coverage and negative public response toward the accused. Convictions typically carry strict mandatory sentences that are longer for murder and homicide than any other crime. It is crucial to your defense to have an expert trial attorney at your side for each step of the way, from investigation to adjudication.

We provide excellent representation for all types of homicide cases in Arizona

Regardless of the type of homicide offense you are facing, the Law Offices of Richard C. Bock can assist with your case and fight for your acquittal. Our criminal defense lawyer has a history of getting charges reduced and dismissed by closely analyzing law enforcement procedures and negotiating favorable plea agreements with prosecutors. Under Arizona law, the unlawful taking of someone’s life can result in a number of charges:

  • Negligent homicide – this offense results from criminal drug and alcohol-related offenses, vehicular homicide and criminal negligence when the person charged was unaware of the danger posed by his or her irresponsible behavior, resulting in another person’s death
  • Manslaughter – results from reckless behavior offenses, such as crimes of passion and heat of the moment decisions resulting from provocation, where the person charged was allegedly aware of the threat he or she posed and that behavior resulted in the death of another person
  • 2nd degree murder – this is the intentional killing of another person through an act that was intended to kill that person but the act was not premeditated
  • 1st degree murder – results from the taking of another person’s life by premeditated, intentional acts and can also result from the “felony murder rule” in which a person can be charged with 1st degree murder if during the commission of a felony someone is killed, even if the death was a complete accident and not premeditated

Tucson attorney Richard C. Bock has a reputation for obtaining successful results

Our Arizona homicide attorney has tried more than 25 first degree murder cases – including five death penalty cases – and has obtained an acquittal, reduced a first degree murder charge at trial to misdemeanor assault, and achieved a dismissal on a case originally noticed for the death penalty. He has consistently obtained acquittals and convictions for lesser included offenses, as well as a case in which charges were dropped after three hung juries. Regardless of your charges, Richard C. Bock will aggressively defend you in court and help you obtain a favorable outcome. He is recognized as one of the finest homicide attorneys in Arizona and a member of the panel for the office of court-appointed counsel for indigent defendants facing capital offenses. We have many resources to build your defense including homicide, DNA, autopsy, mental health and ballistics experts.

If you have been arrested for murder or homicide, have charges pending or believe charges are imminent, please contact us immediately

Facing a charge for homicide is the more serious charge an accused can face, and requires representation by a highly skilled attorney. Richard C. Bock has vast experience and knowledge dealing with these cases, providing excellent representation in state and federal court matters. We are located in Tucson, serving all of southern Arizona and the Spanish-speaking community. Contact us for a free initial consultation and we will help you fight the accusations against you.


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