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Arizona Juvenile Defense Attorney Protects the Future of Minors

Helping families keep their children’s cases out of adult courts

The differences between having a minor’s case adjudicated in juvenile court as opposed to adult court are staggering given the leniency and overall goals of the juvenile system. Juvenile court cases are generally civil matters that focus on treatment and rehabilitation, while the adult system seeks to punish offenders. The Law Offices of Richard C. Bock fights to keep juveniles out of detention centers and defends against charges of delinquency. Having an aggressive and experienced attorney represent you helps keep your children in juvenile court where records are sealed upon reaching adulthood.

What offenses are dealt with in Arizona juvenile courts?

Juvenile crimes encompass a variety of offenses, some of which are status offenses based on the offender’s age while others are criminal offenses regardless of age. Defense attorney Richard C. Bock assists the courts and case workers during the pre-filing of charges phase, attempting to prevent charges from ever being filed. If filed, he compassionately defends juveniles during detention, jurisdiction and disposition hearings. Mr. Bock has real-world experience dealing with an array of juvenile charges related to:

Our firm helps preserve your child’s future by avoiding the adult court system through skilled legal representation.

Providing diligent representation in juvenile law cases in Arizona

Our criminal defense lawyer has extensive experience and knowledge of both the juvenile and adult justice systems. We fight to keep your child’s case in juvenile court by contesting adult transfer proceedings, giving your loved one the opportunity to live a productive life in the future without a criminal record. We routinely work with the Juvenile Justice Services Division of the Arizona Supreme Court and case workers to resolve issues and protect rights of juveniles. We represent university students in criminal court and at school disciplinary and administrative hearings with the dean of students. We provide you with detailed advice and challenge the accusations against you to minimize the future impact of your momentary lapse of judgment.

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Juveniles who commit crimes should be given the opportunity for rehabilitation to become productive members of society. The Law Offices of Richard C. Bock fights to keep juveniles from having to defend accusations in adult courts where the focus is on punishment. With our convenient location in Tucson, we serve clients throughout Arizona. We serve the Spanish-speaking community. Our fees are affordable and our answering service is available 24 hours a day. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 520-792-4941 or contacting us online and let us resolve your juvenile law issues.


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