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Recent Verdicts

  • Resolved a conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder case with a probation available plea to unlawful imprisonment.
  • Tried a Manslaughter case in July 2013 and client was acquitted of manslaughter and found guilty of lesser included offense of negligent homicide
  • In October 2013 Acquittals achieved on two jury trials with allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor. Both trials conducted in Pima County Superior Court in May 2013. One defendant was facing 35 to life and the other defendant was facing the rest of his life in prison. Richard C. Bock’s trial representation resulted in not guilty verdicts on all charges as to both defendants
  • Client charged with manslaughter and acquitted of that serious charge, convicted of less serious charge of negligent homicide. (Pima County Superior Court)
  • Client charged with possession of methamphetamine with two prior convictions, potential sentence of 6-15 years, case dismissed. (Pima County Superior Court)
  • Client charged with driving under the influence and blood alcohol content over the legal limit, found not guilty with an 18 minute jury verdict. (Tucson City Court)


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