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Tucson Attorney Richard C. Bock Helps Keep You off the Arizona Sex Offender Registry

The Law Offices of Richard C. Bock is well-acquainted with Arizona sexual offender legislation

The sexual offender registry is a system that allows the government, and to some extent the public, to keep track of the residency and activities of sex offenders. In accordance with Megan’s Law, the Arizona Department of Public Safety maintains the Arizona Sex Offender Registry. Registration is triggered upon the offender’s release from custody and the community notification level is assessed. Law enforcement agents have discretion over community notification for Level 1 (low risk) offenders, whereas Level 2 (intermediate risk) and Level 3 (high risk) offenders have mandatory community notification requirements. Richard C. Bock fights to get you the lowest risk assessment possible to protect your liberty and privacy.

Our firm will help you comply with registry rules

In order to keep yourself out of further trouble, you must comply with all of requirements and obligations ordered by the Arizona Sex Offender Registry. You will have to report to the county sheriff for fingerprinting, photos, DNA samples and disclosure of all aliases used, including online monikers. Hiring lawyer Richard C. Bock will ensure that you are aware of and strictly adhere to your reporting duties. Here are some highlights of the process and compliances regarding the Arizona Sex Offender Registry

Time constraints:

  • Initial registration: Upon release from custody, you have 10 days to register
  • Out-of-state offenders: Out of state offenders that are moving to Arizona or simply planning to stay for more than 10 days must register with the state within 10 days of arriving in Arizona
  • Change of address: If you have a change of address within the same county, you have 72 hours to register with state, whereas those with a change of address between counties have 10 days

Registration process:

  • Initial registration fee: $250
  • Registration forms: All registrations must be completed in person on a sex offender registration form
  • Duration: Sex offenders required to register must do so for life with few exceptions (i.e. juveniles generally only have to register until the age of 25 unless otherwise ordered by the court)

Photo identification:

  • Renewal: Must annually renew operating identification license or driver license every year with new photo and contact information
  • Fee: $100


  • Registration: Failure to comply with registration is a Class 4 Felony
  • Photo Identification: Failure to comply with license requirements is a Class 6 Felony

Richard C. Bock helps you avoid the Arizona Sex Offender Registry

The best way to avoid future registration, employment and residential restrictions is to hire a skilled criminal attorney like Richard C. Bock. As a Certified Criminal Specialist, Mr. Bock can fight to get you acquitted and if already convicted, he can help you ensure compliance to avoid further punishment. He has handled thousands of criminal law cases and has an excellent working relationship with local judges and prosecutors.

Contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns about the Arizona Sex Offender Registry

The impact of failing to comply with the Arizona Sex Offender Registry rules and regulations can be very damaging, often resulting in new criminal charges and jail time. Our lead attorney Richard C. Bock has over 35 years of experience defending clients against state and federal charges. We serve the Spanish-speaking community and are available to meet with you during the week, evenings and weekends. Our answering service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us for a free initial consultation and we will help ensure your compliance with the registry.


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